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Heide Maree’s New Release, ‘Caterpillar Shoes’

Twenty-two year old Australian multi-instrumentalist Heidi Maree has defined herself as a true artist.

Having spent the last 3 years establishing herself as an influential artist in her Dubbo community, Heidi has now used her unique style as a platform for her rising music career. Creating artworks for her recently release EP, Arctic OK and accompanying music videos, Heidi has developed a dynamic flavor of indie pop music.

With an eclectic background from drumming in Church to lead keyboardist with touring metal band Trollgasm, Heidi’s unique songwriting style has only been magnified through her diverse experiences in music.

Recorded and Produced at The Grove Studios (Empire of the Sun, Silverchair, Xavier Rudd). ‘Caterpillar Shoes’ is a song detailing the naïvety of an open mind and what is initially relied upon venturing out into the world. Combined with a forward moving, musical pulse, lyrics like, “I had many legs of thoughts but only two would walk,” paint the picture of someone tripping, loosing, finding than moving forward again.

What “Caterpillar Shoes’ does so well is to create musical onomatopoeia, matching the lyrics through soaring piano trills, vocal runs and Chorus break downs. “The bridge in the song is my favorite to hear and play live. It strips the song right down to the vocal run ‘I met you’ and piano, than builds that pace up again – I wanted people to feel that momentum the way I do,” says Heidi.

For Fans Of: Regina Spektor | Ingrid Michaelson | Kate Bush

“Caterpillar Shoes” by HEIDI MAREE will be released 23rd of September 2016.


Source- The A&R Department


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