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Australian Rock/Pop Band Brunette Drive’s Debut Single, “Girlfriend”

‘Girlfriend’ is the debut single by Brunette Drive, an Australian Rock/Pop band originating from Sydney. Peaking at number 63 on the Australian iTunes charts, the concept behind ‘Girlfriend’ was to capture a specific moment in time. A moment of heart break, self-discovery, teenage ideologies and the coping mechanisms that are a by-product of the irrational methodology that define your teenage years.

The group is made up of Josh Byron (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Liam Del Prete (Lead Guitar), Golds (Bass) and Sam Harper (Drums). A variety of music backgrounds and influences has allowed for Brunette Drive to create and establish a unique sound comprising of pop hooks and instrumentals with obvious influences from heavy and groove genres to create products that can be identified and adopted by a large range of listeners.

‘Girlfriend’ was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at STL Studios by Sonny Truelove and Evan Lee.

“The versatility we work to create is influenced by the concept of elastic and organic emotions, the discovery of who we are as people and the methods of escape we find to express it,” says the band on their group dynamic.

The meaning behind ‘Girlfriend’ presented the ability to express a very personal moment, and articulate it in a way that allowed the creation of a message; one that could be adopted by every teenager at the current time, and one that could be used to reflect for those past their teenage years. This concept allowed for it to be a sounding board, an emotional threshold and a method of reflection, and turned what could have been just a piece of music, into something that listeners can use to create their own sentiment and journey.

For Fans Of: The 1975 | Catfish And The Bottlemen | Sticky Fingers | The Killers | Two Door Cinema Club | The Chainsmokers

“Girlfriend” by BRUNETTE DRIVE is Available Now On All Digital Stores.

Source- The A&R Department


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