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Corniglia Releasing Their Debut Single, “Oh My Love”

“Oh My Love” by CORNIGLIA will be released 25th of November 2016.

Perth indie pop act, Corniglia are releasing their debut single ‘Oh My Love’, through The A&R Department on the the 25th November.

With comparisons to Beach House, Daughter and Radiohead their brand of Dark-Pop combines dreamy guitar and synth leads with an undulating bass groove and minimal beat guided by a tambourine. The introspective, almost mantra like vocals, touch on mortality and the vulnerability that lies beneath the bravado of modern life.

Recorded in bedrooms and living rooms, songwriting brothers (Matthew and Mitchell Irwin) are walking the line between their raw, DIY tendencies and silky production, being mixed and mastered by Perth musical guru, Alan Smith of Bergerk! Studios. DIY wins out in the end on their decision for making the film clip for the track, with Matthew and singer (Chloe De Paoli) shooting a homemade animated film clip for the release off a bedroom floor.

“We used over 1000 photos shooting the stop motion film clip for ‘Oh My Love’ and took many more that we didn’t use. Chloe spent a good week before that drawing up all the pieces. It was a strangely therapeutic exercise,” says Matthew Irwin on the creation of the video for the track.

Expect an announcement of Perth shows for the end of the year and early January soon, as well as debut album release plans in 2017.

“Great project, so much good music, I recommend it to anyone who digs indie/pop/songwriter tunes. This first single Oh My Love is pretty much the ultimate pop song!” – Alan Smith, Bergerk! Studios.

For Fans Of: Beach House | Daughter | Radiohead


Source- The A&R Department


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