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Corniglia Releasing Their Debut Single, “Oh My Love”

“Oh My Love” by CORNIGLIA will be released 25th of November 2016. Perth indie pop act, Corniglia are releasing their debut single ‘Oh My Love’, through The A&R Department on the the 25th November. With comparisons to Beach House, Daughter and Radiohead their brand of Dark-Pop combines dreamy guitar and synth leads with an undulating … Continue reading

OhBoy! Release New Single, “Hey Princess”

The 405 premiered “Hey Princess,” the new single from Northampton 5-piece OhBoy!. Says lead singer Jay Brook: “The song was inspired by the disillusionment I’ve sometimes felt in certain crowds. It’s about the people who put a lot time and energy into cultivating a version of themselves that they project through their clothes, their image, … Continue reading

New Album from Country Lips’, ‘Till The Daylight Comes’

Release date: January 6, 2017 Band website: Merging Backwoods-style blues with honky-tonk, boot-stomping rhythms, the 8-piece powerhouse known as Country Lips deliver a sound more associated with the wild, raucous West than the grit and grunge of America’s Emerald city. The spirit of unadulterated, whiskey-fuelled country rings true however, via a rollicking sonic presence … Continue reading

The Swamp Stompers EP, “Suspended Suns” Now Out

‘‘Catchy grooves, intelligent songs and youthful hunger. One of my absolute favourites.’’ – Lloyd Spiegel (Australian Blues Legend) The Swamp Stompers play funky rock and blues with heavy grooves. Emerging from the dirty backwaters of Lismore (NSW), the powerhouse trio has recently stomped their mark on prominent Australian festivals such as Caloundra Music Festival (QLD), … Continue reading

Australian Rock/Pop Band Brunette Drive’s Debut Single, “Girlfriend”

‘Girlfriend’ is the debut single by Brunette Drive, an Australian Rock/Pop band originating from Sydney. Peaking at number 63 on the Australian iTunes charts, the concept behind ‘Girlfriend’ was to capture a specific moment in time. A moment of heart break, self-discovery, teenage ideologies and the coping mechanisms that are a by-product of the irrational … Continue reading

Boston’s Blues Rockers Mr. Airplane Man Relocate to Los Angeles

Mr. Airplane Man is Margaret Garrett on vocals and guitar and Tara McManus on drums, keyboard and vocals. The band started in the late ’90s and almost immediately joined Morphine for a U.S. tour and recorded a self-titled EP with Mark Sandman (Morphine). They went on to join many more U.S. tours with artists like … Continue reading

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